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Toll Brothers and Toll Brothers Smart Home Technologies proudly partners with home technology experts and best-in-class manufacturers to bring you the most advanced technology for your new home. Building from your included technology features, you can add a variety of low voltage options to maximize the potential of technology in your home and enhance your lifestyle. Let your new home become your command center for everything from comfort and security to personal wellness and entertainment.

Data networks and wifi systems

Data Networks and WiFi Systems

Wireless Access Points: Get complete coverage for every room in your house, even outside. Fast roaming means your devices will always connect to the strongest access point in a matter of milliseconds.

Connected Devices: Locks, lights, thermostats, garage doors, computers, gaming systems, and all your streaming devices and services require a strong network to ensure consistency and reliability.

Switches: Centralize your devices with a switch that connects your digital ecosystem and makes it easy for your installer to troubleshoot if there is a problem.

Routers: When it comes to networking, every second counts. You need a router equipped with Gigabit internet support for faster speeds and a better experience.

Home Security & Video

From central station monitoring for burglary and fire to monitoring for freezing pipes or overflowing washing machines, Toll Brothers Smart Home Technologies can provide it all at competitive rates. Never miss a beat with instant visibility to what's going on at your home in real time, from anywhere with our range of indoor and outdoor video solutions.

Video Monitoring
Home audio made simple

Home Audio Made Simple

Since inventing the in-wall speaker four decades ago, Origin Acoustics has continued to innovate thousands of meticulous, award-winning audio and loudspeaker products. That’s why it is the preferred provider for Toll Brothers architectural audio solutions. Whether you want a single room of audio or a home theater system, Origin Acoustic speakers bring your space to life by focusing on details that matter.

  • Surround Sound
  • Home Theater Pre-Wire
  • Home Theaters or Family Room Theaters
  • Outdoor Speakers

Distributed Video & Television Prewire

If you want to hide messy wires and cable boxes and be able to change viewing locations easily within your home, we've got solutions for you. From basic flat screen television prewires to having all your cable boxes stored out of site, Toll Brothers Smart Home Technologies will keep your entertainment options front and center without the clutter.

Distributed Video & Television Prewire

Lighting Control

As you are designing the aesthetics of your home, never underestimate the power of lighting. Automating your lighting control can create cozy interiors and make household functions easier. Use your voice for hands-free illumination, set the scene for a perfect movie night, or add another level of safety to your home by having exterior lights turn on at dusk, and off automatically at dawn.

Lighting control

Energy Management

Features like smart thermostats and smart lighting allow you to take control of the energy consumption in your home and reduce monthly energy bills. Smart thermostats can learn the activity patterns in your home, adjust temperatures accordingly, and can even react to humidity levels and outside temperatures.

Video Monitoring

Water Monitoring

One device, whole home protection with one app. Monitor your home's water pressure and get real-time alerts with Toll Brothers Smart Home and the Kohler H2Wise solution.

  • Auto shutoff mitigates damage: the built-in valve allows you to remotely turn off the water
  • Remote shut off and leak alerts: Turn off your tap, with a tap in the Kohler Konnect or Toll Brothers Smart Home apps
  • Plumbing checks and pre-freeze warnings: Keep your home watertight, check for hidden flaws, and get notified with 24/7 monitoring
  • Water use: Unparalleled insights into your water usage
WiFi Appliances

WiFi Appliances

Whether you’re on a culinary adventure or simply cutting down routine steps to save time, connected appliances can help you streamline your kitchen missions. Send cooking instructions to your oven by a touch, app, or voice command. Wash clothes your way with control from anywhere and automatically order laundry supplies when you are running low.

WiFi Appliances
WiFi Appliances
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