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Compatible Phone Service Providers

In addition to traditional phone service providers, we are providing a list of digital phone service providers which can be used with alarm systems. Please note some companies have limitations with respect to their phone service and alarm compatibility. These providers include but are not limited to:

Specific States Serviced Company Name Product Name Important Notes Regarding
Serivce & Alarm Systems
MD, PA, NY, VA & WVArmstrong Group of Co.Armstrong Telephone
AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, NV, NC, SC, TXAT&T *AT&T U-VerseMay require additional hardware called iNID for alarms to be functional. See AT&T's white paper on their U-Verse Service here. You can read more about this additional hardware here.
FL, MDAtlantic BroadbandAtlantic Broadband PhoneFrom Atlantic Broadband Website: "The majority of alarm systems are compatible. However, some alarm systems, particularly older ones that do not support tone dialing, may not work properly without changes. We suggest you test your alarm system before and after installation of Atlantic Broadband Phone Service."
COBresnan Communications - OptimumBresnan Digital PhoneFrom Bresnan Digital Phone Website: "Bresnan Digital Phone is compatible with Home Security systems when connected properly. When a Bresnan installer sets up Digital Phone service, you must call your home security company to test and certify the Digital Phone connection."
CA, FLBright House Networks (e)Digital PhoneFrom Bright House Networks' Website: "Bright House Networks Home Phone is compatible with most major alarm systems...As with any security system, we recommend that you and your alarm company check that your alarm is working properly after installation.While Bright House Networks states their Home Phone service is compatible with most major alarm systems, please have your alarm system tested while the Bright House technician is on site."
AZ, TXCableOneCable One PhoneFrom Cable One Website: "Cable One phone will connect to an independent burglar alarm system in your home. However, Cable ONE phone can NOT be connected to a fire alarm system unless it's a dual burglar and fire alarm system panel."
NY, CT, NJCablevision SystemsOptimum VoiceFrom Cablevision's Website: "Your Optimum Voice modem is electrically powered. In the event of power outages, the modem, including all phones and services connected to or powered by it, will not work. Power outages will disrupt Enhanced 911 service, and the use of Optimum Voice as the connection between your home security system and central monitoring services. A battery backup can be purchased to supply power in the event of a power outage."
NCCharter CommunicationsDigital PhoneCharter Phone will work with most monitored home security systems. However, if you have a home security service, we recommend that you test the proper operation and communication aspects of the alarm system after your Charter Phone installation.
SERVICE NATIONWIDEComcast Cable CommunicationsDigital VoiceFrom Comcast Digital Voice Website: "If Comcast Digital Voice® service is interrupted as a result of downed cables connecting to your home or cuts to other portions of their network (as can happen in cases of severe storms), the service will not function."
AZ, CA, CT, FL, MA, NV, NC, VACox Communications & 1Digital TelephoneFrom Cox Website: "Your phone service will have convenience services like 411 and essentials like 911. And your service will work with a home alarm system, just as it does with the inside wiring of your home. In case your power goes out, your phone service will work up to eight additional hours on battery."
FLMediacom LLCMediacom Phone
ILNewWave CommunicationsDigital Telephone
NY, PARCN Corp. 4RCN Phone
MAShrewsbury Electric (SELCO)SELCO Telephone
MD, NC, NV, TX, VASuddenlink Communications 3 (e)Suddenlink PhoneFrom Suddenlink Website: "Phone Service will not function in the event of battery backup failures, network or electrical outages. Service may not be compatible with all security and medical monitoring systems."
Service NationwideTime Warner CableDigital PhoneFrom Time Warner Website:

Q: "Will my monitored security system work with Digital Home Phone service?"

A: Digital Home Phone will work with most monitored home security systems. In the event that Time Warner Cable installs and configures Digital Home Phone with your home security system, we recommend that you test the proper operation and communication aspects of the alarm system before and after your Digital Home Phone installation. Digital Home Phone does not include back-up power and, as in the case with an electric-powered home cordless phone, should there be a power outage, Digital Home Phone, including the ability to access 9-1-1 services, may not be available." *Power to phone service will affect ability to transmit alarm signals.
COWideOpenWest (e)WOW! PhoneWOW! Phone will work with most monitored home security systems. WOW! Phone also includes back-up power for up to 4 hours when fully charged in the event of a power outage. Similar to traditional telephone service providers, WOW! does not install, support, or service monitored home security systems. WOW! strongly recommends contacting your security system provider to conduct a test on your alarm system after installing WOW! Phone and on a regular basis as needed.
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